Adam Hodson is a professional singer, songwriter, guitarist, musician, bassist, and performer with a truly unique voice and a passion for music.

Based in the West Midlands, and with a wealth of over ten years of experience as a regular touring musician, he has earned a loyal following. From intimate bars, pubs and clubs to festivals, concerts and weddings, Adam has played at countless venues across the width and breadth of the UK and has performed for thousands of people, sharing with them his love of music.

He also has a strong international fan base on YouTube with his videos being watched and viewed over 915,000 times at date of writing (April 2014).

Adam performs either as a solo acoustic artist; as front-man of a three-piece acoustic trio called The Acoustic Underdogs, and as bassist/joint lead singer for the band PeopleAreThings.

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For all enquiries, please contact 07921 528700 or use the contact page.